Statement On Corporate Social Responsibility


MWE Holdings Berhad (“MWE”) recognises the importance of being responsible in business and that we have a duty to make life better in the communities in which we operate. In order to achieve sustainable success over the long term, we need to build trust, develop mutual respect and make a real difference to our stakeholders by addressing issues that they care about.

MWE remains committed to a systematic and unwavering focus on our corporate responsibility at all levels. Being a good corporate citizen is embedded in every aspect of our operations; from ensuring highest standards in safety and health, to protecting the environment, operating with the highest business integrity and contributing to the communities where we work. This section describes the corporate citizenship efforts and accomplishments of MWE and the other subsidiaries in Malaysia.


The Group plays its role as a socially responsible corporate citizen in the community through various activities held with the aim of caring for the well-being of the society at large. During the year, the Group continued to involve in various community activities, amongst others:-

Donation in monies and in-kind to the underprivileged and needy children, such as Penang Hospice Society, House of Hope Penang, Tabung Kaseh Buah Pinggang Kronik OKB HUSM, Pertubuhan membantu Pesakit Parah Miskin Malaysia, Society for the Severely Mentally Handicapped, the victims of the Nepal Earthquake, medical equipment to the Malaysia Association Help for the Poor Terminally Ill, computers to schools, Pusat Komunity Kluang for assisting the storm affected victims and contribution to some primary schools for the renovation /refurbishment of buildings; and

Various types of sponsorships extended to Youngsters Basketball Club Penang, University Sains Malaysia for promoting Charity Chinese Culture Night 2016, Kelab Orkestra Huayue SMK Valdor, FMM Heritage Green Walk 2015.

Programmes like these keep us moving and motivated and we were proud to be part of these social activities and will continue to be supportive in these charitable deeds.

The Group believes that employees are the key resources that drive long term and sustainable organisational successes. As such, the Group continuously promotes human capital development by encouraging and sponsoring the participation of our staff in internal and external training programmes and seminars that are relevant to their job functions to enhance knowledge and skills while promoting a motivated working team and fostering a closer relationship with each other.

The Group also recognised the efforts and valuable services contributed by the employees for so many years and has given out Seniority Awards to the loyalty staffs. Not forgetting that, the Group also has given out Education Awards to the children of the employees whom have performed well in their studies.

In addition to investing in human capital via training, the MWE Group acknowledges the importance of encouraging healthy living and camaraderie for a wellrounded work force. On this score, the Group played host for a range of sports activities and annual dinner with the aim of promoting good relationships with all employees so to create a sense of belonging amongst them. All these activities are expected to promote stronger bond among the staff and to unite all staff as one.

The Group also emphasised on health and safety aspects at the workplace and continues to roll out its ongoing Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) initiatives which include OHS training, CPR and First Aid training for the purpose of effectively handling unprecedented emergency occurrence. All of these initiatives helped the Group to reduce the number of accidents and workdays lost during the year ended 2016.


As an environmental socially responsible corporate citizen, the Group undertook several initiatives in preserving the environment including upgrading its IT infrastructure on its move to a paperless environment, reducing the usage of papers via electronic communication and recycling paper waste as well as contributing through donations to the environmental programmes.

Continuous initiatives are carried out and practiced throughout the organization in aid of preserving the environment including:-

∙ Communication via emails to reduce usage of papers on letter or memorandum.
∙ Document management system in place to store documents electronically in pursuit of paperless environment.
∙ Staffs are encouraged to print double-sided to reduce usage of papers.


To be socially responsible in the economic boundaries it operates by maintaining high integrity at the market place through ethical business conduct, good corporate governance practices and enhancement of the shareholders’ value through exceptional management accounting practices. In achieving the corporate goals, the Group will not compromise its ethical values to provide fair and equitable opportunities to the stakeholders.